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Searching for free PSN codes? Well, look no further because your search is over! We are a top rated distributor of free PSN codes and we want you to be absolutely satisfied with our website. I would like to personally welcome you on behalf of the team at PSNLord.com to our new service. We are a startup company which offers services to our visitors with the goal of enhancing their online game play. Specifically, enhancing game play with the Playstation gaming console. We know what it means to not have money which is why we came up with a wonderful solution that we believe everyone can benefit from and enjoy.

The service we provide was not easy for us to create. We had to amass a large quantity of used PSN cards and painstakingly enter each PSN redeem code from the back of the card into an algorithm crunching software to determine which possible digits Playstation uses for card code enumeration. Once we acquired enough codes and analyzed them, we came up with our business model which enables us to provide you with free PSN redeem codes at the low cost of free. These pin codes also work for the Playstation Vita. We want everyone to be very satisfied with our service and we encourage you to leave feedback at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or comments. Happy gaming!


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Tired of looking everywhere for free PSN codes for your PlayStation 4 system? If the answer to this question is yes, then this is the right site for you. We save you the hassle of searching for free PSN codes at absolutely no cost to you. All you need to do is follow our easy step by step process to get these codes. In addition, our free PSN codes are available on demand, whenever you need them!

PlayStation Network codes, or PSN codes, allow you to optimize your gaming and entertainment experience both for your PC as well as your PlayStation 4 console. To most experienced gaming enthusiasts they all agree that PlayStation Network revolutionized the gaming world. They allow you to interact and play with an equally passionate online gaming community in the comfort of your home. Sony found a way to cash in on this opportunity, and they introduced PSN codes. These codes are bought from selected retailers, and allow you to upgrade your game features and buy in-game content. Also, these PSN codes allow the user to download PlayStation 4 games, new movies, applications, game demos, and subscription applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This necessitated the unprecedented search for free PSN codes by most gamers. At this time Sony offers PS Network cards in $10, $20, and $50 denominations, and Sony does everything but take into consideration the exorbitant amount of money its customers pay just to buy the game let alone the extremely high price paid for the gaming console on its own. This is such a costly way to boost the quality of your favorite games!

We responded to the endless cries of gamers around the world complaining of their unfruitful quests in the attempts to find both free and working PlayStation Network codes. We salvaged this situation by developing a legitimate way of generating these PSN codes. This involved many painstaking hours collecting every used PSN code that we could manage, then entering every single one of those codes into a program to establish consistencies and patterns within the card code numbers. After a considerable amount of time entering card code numbers and tweaking our program until it was just right, we managed to come up with the algorithm that can successfully generate our free PSN codes. The process of creating the software to generate codes was time consuming and extremely intense, but we ultimately succeeded in creating an almost perfect program. This program was ultimately created with all the intent and purpose of helping out fellow gamers short on cash, giving everyone an opportunity to relish the luxuries and still keep their hard earned money in their wallets where it belongs. Now the biggest worry you might have now is whether or not this is just another internet scam site proclaiming to offer what they cannot deliver. Our site guarantees to send you your working and free PSN codes immediately!

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